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What is your objective?

Digitalization of your Organization and Processes

You want to start to digitalize your processes in all areas of your organization, like engineering, production, manufacturing, sales, finances?

If you know, what processes can be digitalized, go on directly with INSPECT.

If you want to learn, which aspects can be digitalized, go on with CONSULTING.


Use your
existing Systems

Existing systems, like software, databases, Excel-, text- and Word files can be connected and read out in many cases.

The INSPECT digitalization system can be used as an add-on to interface to existing systems without changing the workflow.

Your existing systems can still be used and do not have to be replaced or updated.


Consulting for Digitalization and Industry 4.0

We provide you with ideas for the digitalization of your organization, software and processes.

A workshop is a good start for finding digitalization potentials.

We offer a digitalization subscription, where we provide you with step-by-step ideas for digitalization together with lessons for your employees.

Having our INSPECT digitalization system in place, we implement new functions every month.

We also provide individual consulting and development solutions or realize single applications and functions.

Process Improvement,
Total Productive Management,
Machine Learning

The INSPECT digitalization system is used to calculate KPI and to develop improvement strategies. 

Individual functions of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) or an entire Production and Maintenance Planning with OEE are available.

INSPECT can be extended by Machine Learning functionalities to improve the calculation of production recipes.

Standard Applications

INSPECT is a digitalization system for highly individual functions and applications.

We derived many standard applications from experience in many different industries.

  • Machine Data Acquisition
  • Plant Data Acquisition
  • Dashboards
  • Order Handling
  • Recipies management
  • Batch management
  • Track and Trace 
  • Online-Documentation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy- and environment management
  • Projectmanagement and -controlling
  • and many more


More than 20 years of experience in digitalization of processes – that’s ACCIO. 

On customers demand, we handle the whole project management from generating ideas to the implementation of standardized concepts and our digitalization system INSPECT and a custom-tailored Digitalization Service with annual subscription.



Digitalization as a Service:

We analyze the digitalization potential in your organization and develop concepts for implementation.

Do you have a lack of resources for digitalization? Put the project in our hands.



Digitalization as a Service:
We are gradually implementing digitalization functions. We use our standardized digitalization system INSPECT. The system grows from small functions to MES or production planning. We keep existing software and systems as much as possible.



Digitalization as a Service:
Our digitalization system can be expanded with machine learning functions. Both technical and commercial processes can hereby be optimized. By accessing existing software and systems (e.g. ERP), we network and optimize your company.


Individual advice

We advise you individually on all questions relating to digitalization, Industry 4.0, software and the integration of your existing systems (hardware and software).

Support of business consultants

The management consultant needs a lot of operating data, especially from the areas to be optimized. With our digitalization system INSPECT, we can make this data available online and thus the process and the result of the optimization, too.  A second manual collection of data at the end of the project is not necessary.

The digitalization system remains in your company even after the consulting project and, therefore, significantly increases the company’s value.

If you do not have a suitable management consultant at hand yet, we would be happy to introduce you to our partners.

Digitalization Subscription

Ideas for a digitalization roadmap

We regularly provide you with ideas for digitalizing your company. In addition to the content, we also work out precise implementation versions with costs, implementation time and ROI periods.

Implementation of digitalization functions

When our digitalization system INSPECT is available, we regularly implement and supplement digitalization functions, the rough scope of which we determine with you at the beginning of the subscription period.

Evaluation and optimization

We evaluate the costs and times from the ongoing digitalization system for you and use them to create key figures for your processes and procedures. We regularly provide you with suggestions for optimization.

Workshop, Presentation, Lecture

Ask for an individual offer (online and offline):

  • Workshop “Digitalization and Industry 4.0”
  • Lecture “Applied digitalization with practical examples”
  • Training “Digitalization and Industry 4.0”

Digitalizationsystem INSPECT

We use our scalable digitalization system INSPECT, which works with modules from Existing systems and software are read out with INSPECT via interfaces. Available interfaces are: databases, OPC servers, REST API, EXCEL, email, messenger, ERP (e.g. SAP) and many more. Production machines are connected via OPC servers.

With INSPECT, individual functions and dialogues can be implemented extremely quickly. The dialogues are available in the web and can also be adapted by the customer himself. Dialogues are developed via a designer using drag & drop – a programming language does not have to be learned.

We do not just use INSPECT for individual projects. Many standard applications or their functions are also available as modules: machine and production data acquisition, dashboards, order processing, recipe management, batch management, material tracking, online documentation, maintenance portal, predictive maintenance, energy and environmental management, TPM, OEE, project management and many more.

Projectmanagement "Digitalization"

Many companies lack the resources to define and implement digitalization projects. The employees are busy with day-to-day business. This is where we can help: We take over the description of the digitalization project for you, define the required interfaces and conduct all discussions with the suppliers of the existing systems and software. You only give your approval for the next project steps.


We analyze your processes and develop key figures (KPI)  for their evaluation. We supplement missing operating and process data in the digitalization system. In addition to the technical process data, data such as costs, times, energy and resource consumption are also included.

The key figures developed in this way are monitored in real time. In the event of deviations, you will receive notifications and can promptly initiate countermeasures.

Optimum parameters can be determined from the course over time. If this is not enough, we can analyze larger amounts of data using machine learning.


The digitalization system INSPECT can be expanded with our machine learning module. With the help of machine learning, the recipes can be optimized from setting data and the associated results of the process. This means that the newly calculated setting data will then lead to an improved result of the process. In addition to the process-specific parameters, also more general parameters such as energy and resource consumption can be minimized, too.


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